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Brief Encounters with Austrians

Fiat Currency. Fractional Reserve Banking. Collectivism. Curse words as familiar these days on the Intertubes as socialist or liberal used to be at Baptist church suppers. Disciples of the Austrian Holy Trinity  — Hayek, Von Mises, and Rothbard — are everywhere these days, and everywhere eager to counsel us that any houses we build in the future […]

…And I’m in the Kitchen. WIth the Tombstone Blues.

President Obama is golfing with John Boehner. Frau Merkel is resting comfortably, but avoiding her finance minister until Sarkozy’s love bites fade. MIchele Bachmann is now Snow White. The Seven Twelve Dwarfs are still dwarfs. The Wall Street Journal makes Leopold Bloom the mayor a denizen of Dublin. David Brooks blames Fannie and Freddie. Juan […]