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Our Common Destiny, However Much Finessed

According to Martin Wolf, Mr. Obama wishes to be president of a country that does not exist. Does he really? Well, as someone who wishes to be a citizen of a country which does not exist — yet — I suppose I ought to feel some sympathy for a fellow traveler nel mezzo del cammin […]

The Republican Alternatives

Bachmann: Why can’t somebody as ignorant as me make a good President? Think about it. Perry: I’ve always liked tearing the wings off flies, and setting fire to cats. I’m exactly what America needs right now. Romney: I only used to be somebody. Now I’m just like you, so it’s okay to go ahead and vote […]

The Lizard Brain

I stepped out the back door this morning to light my pipe and promptly encountered a pale-green horned caterpillar, with black markings, about as long as my index finger and almost as thick, humping its way across the raised concrete walkway between the house and the garage. It lowered itself painstakingly down the step to […]

Must We Say It Yet Again?

Despite the contempt expressed for honest people by modern campaign managers, foreign policy experts, and the heads of national intelligence services, honesty is not a form of mental retardation. People who tell the truth as they see it aren’t stupid. They’re very well aware that in the short run, lying can be effective in getting […]