A Short Housekeeping Note

To all of you delightfully available young ladies of Kiev, and your clever Internet pimps:

If you’re willing to meet my price, I’ll be happy to set up a little sidebar where you can display your irresistible charms without the slightest hindrance, a kind of Dogtown Reeperbahn all your own.

Otherwise, please note that this is a small blog, without so much traffic that I can’t afford to see and delete your sneaky little contributions within minutes of their arrival. Unless I happen to be asleep, of course, in which case my readers can leaven their more pressing concerns with a modest giggle until I finish my coffee the following morning.

Fair enough?

2 thoughts on “A Short Housekeeping Note

  1. LWM June 11, 2009 / 5:38 am

    Have you got an anti-spam plug-in yet?

    • William Timberman June 11, 2009 / 7:08 am

      Yes, but it’s easily defeated. The really effective ones apparently all involve some inconvenience for bona fide commenters, such as the retype-what-you-see-above ones that you encounter all the time on blogger sites.

      I’d prefer not to go that route as long as I’m able to do the deletions manually. The good news is that WordPress sends me an e-mail whenever a new comment arrives. With a cell phone, that means I’m able to catch the ladies from Kiev and the Viagra entreaties fairly quickly. If I start getting hit heavily, which is unlikely, I can always move to Plan B.

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