Ninety-nine Cents Worth

Compared to the gaseous diffusions of our political discourse these days, the offerings of our songwriters are often a marvel of directness.

If you want to know what I mean, do yourself a favor and go listen to John Mayer’s gem Gravity, from his album Continuum. I won’t quote the lyrics here — fair use and all that — but if you’re in need of a blues hymn to shelter you for a couple of minutes from the storms of bloviation whipped up by our on-all-the-time media, you can’t do any better.

Trust me.

5 thoughts on “Ninety-nine Cents Worth

  1. LWM May 2, 2009 / 12:40 pm

    Lyrics you can quote to your hearts content as far as I know.

    You can even post the videos from Youtube! Live or studio version.

    I doubt I can embed it here on a thread but it might be possible with some tinkering. You should be able to embed the videos in a post – no problem. RTFM.

    Read the effin’ manual!

    Test for embedding Youtube video, if it breaks William’s blog I’m not responsible!:

    • William Timberman May 2, 2009 / 5:56 pm

      Yeah, I thought about both, but figured no, what the hell. If people actually want to hear it, or see it, or read the lyrics, Google or iTunes is their friend. A bad attitude, do you think? Not in the spirit of the Web? I’ll have to consider that, I guess — it’s not as though posting an embedded link is all that hard.

      • LWM May 2, 2009 / 10:01 pm

        You want to do what’s the easiest for you.

        Just wait until the spambots find you.

  2. LWM May 2, 2009 / 12:47 pm

    I saw the embedded video in the preview but…

    And quit messing around with the cats.

    I like “Culturevulturing”.

    • William Timberman May 2, 2009 / 5:59 pm

      I like it too, but decided to reserve it for when I comment on something sleazy, like the press treatment of Brittany Spears — or imponderable, like the Mormon idea of sacred architecture.

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